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Eleven Perfect Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds!

Posted on September 09 2020

Have you went your whole life without getting a dog because of your allergy problem? Or are you tired of the mess that your pups shedding leaves behind on the couch?  Either way, there are sooo many loving choices in the canine kingdom for you to find the perfect fluffy companion for your needs. That’s why we at Very Important Puppies have put together eleven of our favorite hypoallergenic breeds! 

Bichon Frise

Super playful and merry, these cuties are one of the American Kennel Club's top picks for allergy sufferers. You may be thinking, “that’s one fancy name!” Fun fact: Bichon Frise in French translates to "fluffy white dog," and the french got it right when describing these little white clouds of joy. They are categorized as lap dogs, so a great choice for city living spaces.

Afghan Hound

Look at that hair! Believe it or not, these sweet hounds don’t shed! But those long locks come at a cost: Afghan Hound’s long coats require attentive grooming and regular brushing. Because they were originally bred for the mountains in Afghanistan, they have long, shiny hair that can turn into a tangle without routine maintenance. Make grooming time part of your bonding ritual, and you'll appreciate this beautiful animal on a whole different level!

Irish Water Spaniel

Hypoallergenic dogs don’t have to only be toy dogs and terriers! Irish water spaniels belong to the sporting group, and just like their name says, they love water! These natural-born swimmers even have coats that repel it, so not only will they keep your allergies away, they can hop in and out of the pool all day.


All poodles are members of one hypoallergenic breed, whether they are large, toy, or miniature, giving you great freedom of choice. Not only that, but they’re also super intelligent and easy to train. Fun fact! That adorable "poodle clip," the traditional haircut for poodles, doesn’t only make them look sooo cute, but it protects those water-loving dogs' joints and vital organs while swimming.


Averaging a teeny-tiny seven pounds, Maltese’s have been the best cuddle buddies for hundreds and hundreds of years! They were the favorite choice for royalty in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and even the Royal Family of England. Best part though is that you’ll never sneeze –– their snow white coats are hypoallergenic! You can choose between cutting their soft fur into a sporty trim or letting it grow long, depending on how much maintenance you prefer.

Portuguese Water Dog

Not only do the Obama’s have two curly haired Portuguese Water Dogs, but the breed has been growing in popularity among families around the world. They’re favorites for their playful and laid-back personalities, and have been known to adapt well to living in smaller spaces like city apartments.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Don't let the fancy name fool you. These wooly, small- to medium-sized pups aren't pretentious in the least. They check off everything on dog lovers' wish lists: Hypoallergenic, active but not too hyper, easygoing and affectionate. They even have a hidden talent: Lagotti are especially excellent at truffle-hunting!

Scottish Terrier

You may know the adorable and personality-filled Scottie dog from Disney classic Lady and the Tramp, but the independent and sometimes stubborn Scotties make beautiful pets, too. They were originally bred for relentless hunting, and have the perfect, weather-resistant coat that kept them insulated and dry in all climates. Today, that graceful coat is perfect for a soft, fluffy, couch companion!

West Highland Terrier

Like many other Terriers, Westies possess the same curiosity and energetic temperament — with the added bonus of minimal shedding. These hardy dogs have a cheerful attitude that will keep you giggling with their playful antics. Their portable size and friendly disposition make them some of the most popular terriers.

Bedlington Terrier

Bedlington terriers are truly one of a kind: they grow the cutest little lamb-like poof at the top of their heads. These remarkably gentle, cuddly, yet loyal pups make great watchdogs and couch partners. With grooming you can go one of two ways: letting that curly, wooly coat grow so you can style those curls for dog shows or you can just go for the lower maintenance, short trim. Either way, your baby will be the cutest dog around!

Yorkshire Terrier

We all know Yorkies! Their sweet little faces can fit in purses, but don’t take their tininess for weakness –– their small size packs attitude and personality! They’re hypoallergenic because their fine hair type is actually similar to human hair so owners will never sneeze! But keep in mind, Yorkies require a more dedicated grooming schedule: regular brushing and maintenance to stay tangle-free and silky soft.