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Posted on February 11 2021

Designed for style, function, and play, this pet-friendly collab drop between LES BENJAMINS and Very Important Puppies (V.I.P) offers elevated clothing and accessories for dogs.

The collaboration between Lamia AlOtaishan Aydin, Head of Womenswear at LES BENJAMINS, and V.I.P’s Sabrina Albarello and Katerina Karelas is expressed through a range of outdoor pieces—windbreakers, hoodies, harnesses and collars—that are made from fabrics as durable and cozy as those from the collection that are tailored to humans.

LES BENJAMINS x V.I.P’s carefully selected range of dog clothes suits every style and comes in an eye-popping pastel dégradé featuring a bespoke logo. Each item features a contemporary design that caters to dogs’ size and gait and is cut to wear comfortably on the canine frame, while being thoroughly rooted in contemporary streetwear aesthetics.

With this collectible and limited-edition collection, LES BENJAMINS and V.I.P bring a new and surprising perspective to dog wear.


LES BENJAMINS is a luxury streetwear brand founded by Bunyamin Aydın in Istanbul. Each product comes with a design philosophy that translates local stories, deep-rooted cultural influences and rituals into craftsmanship of comfort. Bunyamin Aydin and Lamia AlOtaishan Aydin embrace the exploration of cultural landscapes with a style that defies clichés and at the same time fuels the eagerness to rediscover and reinterpret tradition.