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COVID-19: Couple of Τips for Your Dog

Posted on March 30 2020

Yes, it’s Corona season but your dog still needs (safe!) outdoor time to be a healthy and loving canine! It’s never been a more important time for leashes so we just created a brand new design, now available on our website in three colors!

Here are a couple of tips and best practices on how to make sure your dog gets the fresh air they need while protecting you, your family, and most of all: your pup!

Dr. Stephanie Janeczko, vice president of ASPCA Shelter Medicine Services, said in a statement: “A pet’s first line of defense is a well-prepared owner, and we strongly encourage pet owners to take the necessary precautions and incorporate pets into their preparedness plans to keep their family — including their pets — healthy.”


1. Maintain Social Distance Practices!

The most im-paw-tant rule! If you don’t already know, social distancing is a term coined by Public Health officials to encourage people to stay at least six feet away from others to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Make sure you’re following these rules when taking your furry friend for a stroll –– and keep that leash tight!


2. Avoid Crowded Dog Parks!

Although dogs can’t spread the virus (as we said in our last article), people still can! And where do people gather? The dog park! I took a walk to my local dog park and I saw a crowd of owners inside the dog park, and lonely quarantiners gathered outside the dog park watching the happy animals! Although this is usually great, this can be a risk for spreading the virus. For the safety of you and your pet, it’s best to take a break from the dog park, unless you see that it’s very empty!


3. Try To Limit Strangers From Petting!

Does your dog also have a problem of being too cute and friendly too? Well, for the time being, you’re going to have to try your best to limit your pups friendly embrace of strangers. But that’s okay, more cuddles and petting for you in the safety of your home!


4. Make An Emergency Plan!

In the case that you get sick yourself, the ASPCA advises “proactively” pre-designating a family member, friend or boarding facility to help with short or long-term care in the event you are unable to care for your pets. List habits, food preferences, medical conditions and meds taken, veterinarian contact info, medical and vaccination records and behavioral tendencies. If you’re sick it is a terrible idea to put others at risk just to give your dog fresh air!


5. Keep Your Leash Tight!

It’s really important during these times to keep a close eye on your dog while walking! Be extra attentive to where they walk and what they’re putting in their mouth. I know we all would love to just let them run free, but this is a sacrifice we must make for the health of our community! We have developed a new line of sleek leashes that will not only keep your dog close to you, but also look stylish at the same time! What more can you ask for?


6. Sanitize Frequently When Outdoors!

When out in public with your dog, make sure you are actively sanitizing before touching your dogs mouth or giving them treats! Although dogs are thought to not be able to carry and spread COVID-19, there is reason to believe that you should take extra precaution, as a best practice!