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Very Important Puppies (V.I.P) makes elevated clothing and accessories for dogs. Designed for style, function, and play, V.I.P embodies the pure love of stepping out with your pet.
V.I.P pieces are made from fabrics as durable and cozy as those tailored to humans, with design details that look refined and cater to dogs’ size and gait. Each collection is made in New York City, and cut to wear comfortably on the canine frame.
In addition to the brand’s collections, V.I.P partners with high profile international collaborators in fashion, art and design, with regular drops that bring new and surprising perspectives to dog wear. These highly collectible collaborations are limited edition and ever-changing.
Dress up your beloved like a V.I.P. Notice guaranteed.




V.I.P is the furry brainchild of sisters Sabrina Albarello and Katerina Karelas. After building careers in fashion and business respectively, the two teamed up to create high quality dog products with an eye for style and humor.
The duo’s global sensibility allows them to curate a creative roster of collaborations. They believe dogs should walk in step with their humans in life and in fashion.